Who are we?

We are the Golden Leaf Award winning tea from 2014 -2018. We strive consistently to keep up with the legacy. A big sorry to commercial Teas,  we just can’t help but be the real Organic Tea.

CoGreen India isn’t just a company, It is an institution built on principles, to show the difference is. We strive to provide an Honest Indian Tea and keep it pure, keeping it away from the corporate race. We are not huge yet to go for a certification. But we do have an attitude of standing by our word! Because Honesty is still the best policy! While you are at your favorite flavor, we are there, at your doorstep with another one!

A dedicated team of experts at Joonktollee Tea & Industries Ltd Vagamon known for their Quality and award-winning Tea is striving hard to blend the purest form of tea for our customer.


We are now featured in the No. 1 fitness app ‘HealthifyMe’ which has over 5 million active users and 250+ health coaches. Our products are recommended by its fitness coaches for weight management, detox and energy boosters.


List of Awards & Appreciations

Humari Koi Shakha Nahi Hei

Our Story

CoGreen is a wife’s wish, hence command for a doting husband. Ex-Naval Officer (SSC) Lt.Commander Mathew, along with his wife and some like-minded football crazy, traveller, nomad friends, decided to keep their favourite Tea as pure as it should be. The blend of ‘purity’ just as their love and ‘class integrity’ as Indian Military made it special. !Our flagship Tea is our promise of an authentic Pure CoGreen Tea experience; lasting memories of probably the finest tea you have ever tasted.

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Why CoGreen

“The only one way to make good tea is making it in traditional form, and it is the most difficult way”

In CoGreen we offer the only tea that is made in the traditional manner, One of the first  Tea estate established by the British in the sleepy and unexplored misty hills of Vagamon in the Gods Own Country called Kerala India. The Tea leaves are grown under the shades and plucked before the 1st sunrise of the day and packed without any chemicals, preservatives and colours. Don’t worry, it won’t go bad, get finished soon because who can resist the purest tea with natural ingredients before you start the day.

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Our Mission

We believe that ‘Business is a Matter of Human Service’.

The welfare of each member and their family is close to our heart,  CoGreen is more than just another brand of tea; it’s a way-of-life, it’s a true tea experience and an enjoyable ritual. This brand stands for the commitment to good environmental practices, the livelihood and security of plantation workers and the contentment of the people behind the brand. It also promises to enrich humanity with its charitable/humanitarian projects.

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The Team

Just like our unique blended flavours, our team has unique persons, who had different taste, different flavours came together and blended so well for a cause, the mission we stand for!

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We don’t sell CoGreen through retail shop, Though we are really sorry for the inconvenience, we do not plan to loss 30-40% of our price margin on middlemen and then burden our customers, like big boys of the tea industry, have been doing since ages. Try our Direct Sale Channel.

IT’S CONVENIENT. We ship your Tea right to your door. That means time saved and the fun of opening parcel!

IT’S FLEXIBLE. Deliveries arrive on your schedule. Pause, skip or cancel any time with just a few clicks. That’s level 9 yoga flexibility.

IT’S LOW RISK & HIGH REWARD. There are no Membership fees, no long-term commitments, and we have a 100% money-back guarantee. Common. Do it.

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 CoGreen India
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